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Welcome to Story!

Did you know that Story is the department for young people in Turku City Main Library?
Here you can read, study, draw, play board games or surf the Internet. There are several computers, which young people of 13 or over can book in advance. The sofa niche and Fatboys offer you a nice space for reading or socializing. You can even knit the library snake Hamlet, who has been created by library clients.

In the Afternoons from Monday to Friday you can play console games with “a game friend” from the library. Book the time in advance at Story to make sure that you have the play time you want. Weekdays you can play console games in the evenings as well, when it is possible to borrow the game room and play console games with a maximum of 3 friends. Of course you can borrow games home too. 

The young themselves can take part in creating the look of Story. So if you have a talent for drawing, painting or some other art form, you can share your art and have an exhibition in Story. 

There are lots of magazine in Story, not only in Finnish or Swedish, but also in English: Seventeen, Teen Vogue, White Dwarf and sfx to mention but a few. You can borrow magazines home if you like, excluding the latest number, which may be read only in Story.

This bookshelf “Himotut” contains books which are very popular, most wanted books, e.g. books like Hunger games, Twilight (series) novels and Eoin Colfer’s books. The books are meant to be read only at the library. These books are in Finnish, but you can find many of them in English as well.

The collections for young people are regularly updated. There are new books coming to the department monthly.  

All in all, the young adult fiction collection in English consists three blocks of shelves. Have you read books by Cassandra Clare, Stephenie Meyer, Tolkien J.R.R. for example?
Story has those and many more.
Which is your favorite?

Sometimes it`s nice to watch a good movie or two. Here is where to choose!

There are departments for young people in Ilpoinen, Jyrkkälä and Runosmäki as well. Visit there also! Story is also on Facebook, so like us there and be more aware of what is happening in Story.

Last but not least: you can always turn to a librarian if you need help with searching the right books or want some help with using the computers. We are there for you.
Welcome! And always remember to bring your library card with you!

Written by: Minna K.

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